4 Beautiful Bedroom Color Schemes

Waking up early to walk the dogs, get to the gym, and get ready for the day isn’t always the best part of your routine. But crafting a bedroom that is mood-boosting and energetic can make facing the day a lot easier. And since colors affect our moods, there’s a strong reason to be mindful of the colors in your bedroom. Creating a bedroom that has just the right amount of color will help your bedroom fulfill all of its functions: rest, relaxation, sleep and invigorating your day.

Soft Black to Create Intimacy

Most of the time, when we think of bedroom colors, we think of crisp whites and bright, light hues. However, there’s good reason to go darker. In fact, darker shades can amplify smaller spaces, especially ones with very little natural light. And, a soft black color can set the right mood for the bedroom. Beware of stimulating colors such as bold reds and bright yellows.

Go for a soft black, such as the one found on the by Universal. To keep it from feeling too dark, go with those crisp, white linens mentioned above. Add some brown and gray tones to keep the intimacy black brings to the space.

Pale Beige Makes an Impact

Think beige is boring? It’s time to reconsider. Versatile, warm, and dependable, beige is a great color for the bedroom. Light beigey-taupey walls are complemented by luscious dark wood in the by A.R.T. Furniture. The tall headboard features a flared shape and a wooden accent band.

Both the headboard and the footboard are decorated with channel tufting, adding contemporary and modern elements to the piece. The combination of light, airy beige on the walls, and walnut veneers of the bed pull the look together and create the perfect focal point for your bedroom.

Monochromatic White Shines Bright

Done right, a monochromatic color scheme is anything but boring. Tons of texture and the right accents make this one of the most soothing and beautiful ways to decorate your bedroom. The by Stanley Furniture broadcasts a sense of modern-day traditionalism.

The architectural framework radiates causal elegance highlighted by the oatmeal linen on the headboard. The subtly patterned bedspread and pillow shams bring in pattern that is subtly repeated in the geometric pattern on the area rug. Historic design and modern living come together in this beautiful bedroom.

Get Tangled Up in Blues

These cool and soothing shades of blue definitely make a statement. They neither overpower nor do they overwhelm the space. The blues that run through this bedroom create a strong sense of cohesion and personality.

The by Barclay Butera features warm blue upholstery and a traditional style that is both inviting and charming. In addition to three upholstered panels, the bed boasts carved moldings that add a classic touch. Most upholstered beds can be customized to the color of your choice, so if you have a favorite color, why not let it be the theme of your bedroom?

The bedroom color scheme can provide inspiration for the overall mood of the space, but the accessories don’t need to be in that palette to work in the room. It’s tempting to go matchy-matchy, but even in a monochromatic colorway, you still want some variance in shades and texture to create the perfect bedroom vibe.

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