4 Ways to Bring That Key West Feel to Your Home Décor

If you love Key West’s signature breezy style and laid-back attitude, you may be longing to bring some of that feeling into your everyday space. Key West style is full of rich textures and influences, from Old Town’s British Colonial touches to bright Caribbean colors. The style has a personality that is fun, funky, and a little bit rebellious.

Here are some tips for bringing a piece of this delicious island attitude into your home.

1) Add Key West Signature Colors

Key Westers are fearless in their color choices, with palettes inspired by a parrot’s plumage. But they are okay with light, bright pastels as well. Key West colors run the gamut from sandy, beachy beiges, and creams to bright tropical turquoise, citrusy greens, oranges or bright pinks. The hues may not always be bold and bright, but they are never boring.

If you want a more limited color palette but still want the island’s vibe, soft greens are the way to go. Light mint works well with the woven textures and different shades of wood that are found throughout the island.

2) Wicker and Rattan Key West Style Furniture

When looking for Key West Style furniture, you’ll find plenty of wicker, rattan, bamboo, and other natural materials as well as bright, tropical prints (the island is in the tropics, after all) and lush colors.

Add a wicker chair upholstered in a bright Key West color to jazz up a living room or bedroom. The casual style goes well in almost any room, from living rooms to bedrooms and extends outdoors to patios and porches.

3) British Colonial Inspirations in Key West Style Furniture

The British Colonial is a big part of Key West style. When the British took the Keys from Spain, they brought with them furniture that was light, small, and easy to move. You’ll find British influences in tropical items such as trunks that double as chests of drawers, folding chairs and campaign desks, and bamboo headboards as evidence of the look.

4) Finishing Touches for Key West Style

Finishing touches complete the look. These tips will enhance your Key West style furniture and can also be used to bring in a more subtle island vibe to your space.

Tropical plants with bright blooms and palm fronds are a must. Living plants always level up a space, but you can also choose tropical prints on upholstery, pillows, throws, and wallpaper. Or clip a few fronds from a tree in your yard and place them in a glass vase. Voila! Instant Key West décor. Bring some texture in with a tropical-style woven ceiling fan to help complete the look.

Hanging artwork that reflects the island’s roots and culture is another way to amp up the Key West mood. Framed cigar box tops, a nod to the once-booming Cuban cigar factories, creates a distinctive look.

And although Kew West is associated with Hemingway and deep-sea fishing, you don’t have to hang a stuffed fish on your walls. A metal fish sculpture references Keys history while adding artistic flair.

By mindfully adding a few simple touches to your home’s decor, you can create a Key West hideaway.

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