5 Ways to Use Leather Furniture in Your Home Décor

Leather furniture isn’t just for traditional-style home décor. This classic furniture has been revitalized as a fresh, new home addition. There’s something really comforting about plopping down on a leather chair or sofa at the end of a long day. Whether you are settling in to watch your favorite television show, a sporting event, or catch up on your reading, leather family room furniture can elevate the experience.

Leather chairs and sofas are the perfect addition to any home, regardless of your style. They can add a traditional touch to a modern space, or if your sofa has sleek lines and a low profile, it can lend a modern feel to a traditional space.

Functional and attractive, leather furniture can improve the look and feel of any interior space, giving a look that is both traditional and stylish. If you’re not sure how you can incorporate leather furniture into your home décor, these tips can help you add a look that is both fresh and timeless.

1) Pair Your Brown Leather with Black Décor

Putting brown and black together may seem odd at first, but if done right, it can accentuate the sleekness of modern homes. Although black may seem dull and lifeless, putting it with brown brightens it up, and can give your home a warm, fresh look.

For example, the black and white rug with the by Sligh creates an eye-catching look. Brown goes with a variety of colors, so look for one that goes with your black rug, throw pillows, or whichever accessories you choose to dress it up. Use warm, soft shades to complete the look, such as creamy white on the walls or a rich, espresso brown for a bold look.

2) Combine Your Leather with Other Fabrics

To give your home a relaxed, eclectic look, combine leather furniture with fabric upholstered pieces. Make a plan, or use an , to ensure that everything goes well together. Carefully choose accessories, lighting, window treatments, and floors when making your plan.

The shape of your leather upholstered sofa will influence how effective the use of different fabrics in the space will be. If you’re thinking about combining different fabric colors and patterns, choose the same shades and size patterns. Select contrasting colors that complement the color of your walls for a stylish look. Off-white walls are the best way to create a neutral background to highlight your leather furniture.

3) Shades of Brown with Pops of Color

If you hear brown leather sofa and think safe, safe, safe, you’re not exactly wrong. You really can’t go too far off track with a brown leather sofa. But that doesn’t mean your décor will be boring. Liven up your space by pairing your brown leather sofa with an occasional chair upholstered in a golden yellow. Add gold accessories and paint the walls in a soft shade of mocha for a warm, Parisienne feel.

4) Size It Right for the Space

Most people think of big, leather sofas when they think of leather furniture. But, leather furniture comes in all sizes. A trim leather sofa is perfect for a small apartment living room. Or add a leather loveseat, such as the by Metropia. This American-made piece features environmentally safe and family-friendly cushions. The slightly flared arms and rich color will make it the centerpiece of your family room.

5) Anything-but-Boring White Leather Furniture

Classic, versatile white interiors will always have a place in design. They are inherently elegant and chic, and can be used in any décor ranging from chic to contemporary to modern farmhouse. Using a white leather sofa and chair creates a focal point and gives your design a modern edge. For example, the elegantly curved by Bernhardt features sleek contemporary lines, minimal feet, and traditional elements, making it perfect for any space.

There are many ways you can use leather furniture to bring style, elegance, and comfort throughout your home. Once you’ve chosen your pieces, add some decorative pillows and throws to create a stylish home your family will enjoy.

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