6 Best Interior Design Hacks to Customize Your Home

Looking for ways to change up your space but not sure where to begin?

If you feel like you don’t know enough about design, you are not alone. But, everyone has to start somewhere. It may seem like you need some mystical formula or magic skill to get it right. And, to be sure, there is skill and training involved. But there are some things you can do on your own to refresh your interior design.

Give a few of these design hacks a try, and your space will look better than you might have thought possible without the help of a designer.

1) Freshen Up Your Floors, Walls, and Surfaces

There’s a reason they call them good bones. They not only support your home, but they also support its design. Take stock and determine whether you need some fresh paint on the walls, or whether floors could use some polishing or a new area rug.

A fresh coat of paint can liven up a space, and a statement wall can create drama. Or maybe a gallery wall with all your favorite images or artwork. While painting isn’t difficult, it can be tedious. So, take your time choosing the color. A great way to freshen up the kitchen is to add a colorful area rug and replace the hardware.

2) Bring in More Light

Bringing more light inside is always a good thing. With just a few simple changes, you can create a light and breezy space.

Can you go curtain-free in certain areas of your home? If you don’t need privacy and would prefer more light, choose sheer or no curtains where you can. This might not be suitable for the bedroom, but the family room or kitchen may be a good candidate.

If you want window treatments, use a long curtain rod to extend your curtains past the windows when they are open so that you get privacy when you need it and light when you want it. This also makes your windows look bigger. And then there’s the tried-and-true trick of strategically placing mirrors across from windows to bounce natural light throughout the room.

3) Use Your Personality as a Design Element

Your personality is a key element of your space, so don’t be afraid to use it. Integrate the new with the old to express yourself. Your modern coffee table can play well with a traditional style sofa. Your accessories can create a bridge between styles. Mixing styles done right can make the space more interesting.

4) Texture, Texture, Texture

In the theme of mixing things up, textures add depth and dimension to your space. Experiment with different textures such as velvet, linen, and faux fur. Do the same with finishes and tones such as wood, metal, glass, and tile. You’ll be surprised at the results.

5) Tap into Your Creativity

Even professional designers run up against budget constraints. That’s when it’s time to get creative. If wallpaper is too expensive, consider stenciling a statement wall instead. Or, if your wood floors are damaged, consider painting them instead of refinishing them. You’d be surprised how many times a designer will DIY something to stay within budget. So, if you can make it yourself, go for it.

6) Do Your Research for Inspiration

Planning is critical for any endeavor, and interior design is no different. Decide on the aesthetic you want. Look through magazines and check out design sites online. Save, bookmark, or pin the images you like.

When you are shopping for something new, look at your inspiration images to see if they fit. Try only to bring things you genuinely love into the space. Inspiration boards can help you plan your space, create color palettes, and visualize patterns, upholstery, and furniture.

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