7 Ways to Create a Coffee Tablescape

Coffee tables play an important role in your family room, adding both function and design elements. It is often the focal point of your gathering space. Keeping it neat is a no-brainer, but you can take it a few steps further by creating a coffee tablescape that is sure to get even more attention.

If you are wondering how to style a coffee table, these simple touches can help you level up your interior décor.

1. Simplify the Design

Keeping it simple creates an attractive display that doesn’t confuse or disrupt the eye. This from Tommy Bahama Home creates a feel of Zen tranquility. Placing a simple ceramic container of greenery in the center of the glass tabletop adds style without overcomplicating or crowding the tablescape.

2. Balance It Out

Balance is also important when creating a coffee table display. One of the easiest ways to do this is with symmetry. Choose three elements or groupings on your table. The middle one grounds the display, so a substantial vase filled with blooms will do the trick. Balance the display with smaller piles of books on either side. This makes the entire room look orderly and united.

3. Tell a Story

When you compose a coffee tablescape, you’re creating a story or vignette to leave an impression. The key is to work with items that connect to each other, whether through style, shape, color, or theme. For example, a stack of books (rectangular) with a paperweight shaped like a globe and a nautilus shell (rounded items) work well on either a rectangular or round table.

4. Add a Tray

This simple, tried-and-true tip still works, as most tried-and-true tips do. The right tray can group your items and create continuity. A clear tray can group them together without taking the focus off your items. A metallic tray can create a unified and elegant presentation. This wooden tray filled with books and specimen coral on by Tommy Bahama Home keeps the look stylishly minimal.

5. Keep It in Proportion

When choosing your items for coffee table styling, size matters. They should be big enough to be noticed, but not so big that they overwhelm the display or get in the way of the table’s true function. Make sure you have plenty of space to put down a remote control, drink, or book.

6. Work with the Room

Make sure your coffee table and the things you display on it go with the rest of your décor. If your style is rustic, don’t choose items that are too fancy. Make sure they go with the rustic feel of the space. Even if your style is eclectic, your items should fit into the space rather than create a discordant vibe in the design.

7. Keep the Profile Low

While you want to build visual interest by choosing items of different heights, you want to pay attention to height, for obvious reasons. You don’t want the items on your coffee table to block your view of your guests or the television. That doesn’t mean you have to have all items the same height, just be mindful of where you place them.

Step back and admire your work. Grab a cup of coffee or a cocktail and relax with your newly created coffee tablescape.

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