8 Interior Design Tips for Flawless Tropical Décor

While tropical décor definitely has its roots in the past, there is something enduringly enticing about the sunny pastels, kitschy palm prints, and pink flamingos that keep it coming back in style. Today’s tropical décor is anything but dated. Elements of tropical décor can add a little spice and a lot of relaxation to your home. Here are a few tips for creating tropical décor in your home.

Tropical colors Pop against a Neutral Background

1. Tropical Colors

The tropical palette consists of strong shades of blue, yellow, terracotta, brown, and green. Each of these colors has a specific meaning that can help tell your home’s story.

2. Tropical Prints

A bold, botanical print wallpaper adds an element of greenness into your space. Look for a large-leaf print, oversized banana fruits, and shiny green fronds. You can also echo these motifs in upholstery and accessories.

3. Light

Light is a design element unto itself in tropical décor. Warm sunny beaches, tropical greenery, it all requires as much natural light as possible. Be sure to use neutral colors and that your textures are smooth enough to allow light dispersion. Low positioned lights, pendant lights made of natural materials such as abaca, rattan, or bamboo, or even traditional chandeliers are great lighting sources for tropical décor.

Woven Raffia and Molded Bamboo Enhance the Tropical Feel

4. Windows

If you have a great view, use it to bring in nature and natural light. Wide, uncluttered windows are a part of authentic tropical décor. Blinds made of natural materials will give you that seamless transition from indoor to outdoor spaces so common in the tropics. If you must have curtains or shades, use light, pastel colors and semi-translucent fabrics. This will give your space a feeling of freshness.

5. Walls

Soft shades of pink, aqua, coral, green, cool gray, or off-white will freshen up your space. If you are feeling a little daring, create an accent wall with a bold botanical print wallpaper.

6. Flooring

Remove your carpeting if you can. Use wood or laminate that resembles the color of a sandy beach. Add an area rug made out of sisal, seagrass, or other natural fiber.

7. Accessories

If you think of your last tropical vacation, swaying palm trees, wavy oceans, burnished sunsets, and colorful birds will probably come to mind. Look for accessories that echo these themes, such as:

8. Furnishing

For furniture, dark, simple wood is the way to go. These materials create warm, welcoming furniture pieces. Upholstered pieces should feature greenery, stripes, and animal prints. Bring in real plants and flowers to add liveliness to the space.

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