9 Key Home Décor Ideas to Make Any Room Better

Although it may seem like it, interior designers don’t follow a set of secret rules. There are no hard and fast rules, just home décor ideas that serve as guidelines for good design. Consider the guidelines below as a foundation for developing your sense of style and creativity.

Choose Your Paint Color Last

Yes, it’s tempting to pick your paint colors before you move into your new home. And it makes sense, if the rooms are empty, why not take advantage? However, there are so many colors and various tints that look different under different light sources. And you want to get the color that best complements your rug, artwork, and upholstery. You’ll only know for sure if you choose your color when your furniture is inside your home.

Uncluttered Bedroom with Pieces form Broyhil Furniture

Breathing Room

Resist any temptation to overcrowd your rooms. You want space to move around with ease, so let your furniture have some breathing room. Your special pieces will stand out if they don’t have to compete for attention with everything else in the room.

Furniture Placement

Choose from all on, all off, or front legs on the area rug. There really aren’t any other options. And they are pretty self-explanatory. If the rug is large enough, you can place all the furniture legs on it. This will create a luxurious feel. If you have a smaller room, keep all the furniture off the rug. Just beware of choosing a rug that is too small. If you are using an area rug to define a space, place the front legs only on the rug.

Hang Artwork Right

One of the most hotly debated home décor ideas is the proper placement of artwork on the wall. Museums and galleries hang their pieces of art so that the center of the piece is approximately 60 inches from the floor. Follow this general rule and your artwork will always be at the proper height on your walls.

Put It in Focus

Of all home décor ideas, creating a focal point is probably the most well-known. Your focal point could be a dramatic piece of art, a piece of heirloom furniture, or an unusual headboard in the bedroom. Whatever you choose, just be sure it draws attention. Without a focal point, your eye has no place to rest and your room can seem chaotic.

Sight Lines

Sight lines are the cousin of the focal point. You want your focal point to be directly across from the entrance to the room so that it connects one room to the next. This is your sight line.

Carefully Curated Collection Adds Minimalist Touch

Curate Your Collectibles

If you have a collection you love, feel free to display it. However, don’t keep pieces that are no longer working. Move them to a different room if you can’t bear to part with them. Take Coco Chanel’s advice and when you think you are done, remove one item. One of the most important home décor ideas is to know when to stop.

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Baer’s Furniture is Florida’s premier furniture store carrying the biggest variety of brands and 100% genuine leather. http://www.baers.com/

Baer’s Furniture is Florida’s premier furniture store carrying the biggest variety of brands and 100% genuine leather. http://www.baers.com/