There’s just something about neutral living room wall colors that adds sophisticated beauty to a room. And while to many, neutral means boring, there are many options that can look fantastic in any home. Increasingly, interior designers are favoring non-neutral neutrals.

Finding the perfect neutral paint color for your next home isn’t as easy as picking a beige, gray, or white. There are seemingly hundreds of shades of each, and each looks different depending on how much natural light the room has. They can also look different based on your furniture and décor.

When looking at neutral interior colors, it…

Looking for ways to change up your space but not sure where to begin?

If you feel like you don’t know enough about design, you are not alone. But, everyone has to start somewhere. It may seem like you need some mystical formula or magic skill to get it right. And, to be sure, there is skill and training involved. But there are some things you can do on your own to refresh your interior design.

Give a few of these design hacks a try, and your space will look better than you might have thought possible without the help…

Those of us who wait all year for Pantone’s color predictions feel especially blessed with two gorgeous colors for 2021. And don’t we deserve to have these colors that feel like sunshine wrapped around the silver lining of a cloud? Illuminating yellow brightens our days while Ultimate gray reminds of us of good things to come. These colors represent strength and optimism, a color story that is deeply thoughtful as well as friendly and light.

Here are a few ways to bring the color story of Pantone’s Colors of the Year 2021 into your home.

Gray and Yellow Kitchen Color Scheme

Kitchens are meant to be…

If you love Key West’s signature breezy style and laid-back attitude, you may be longing to bring some of that feeling into your everyday space. Key West style is full of rich textures and influences, from Old Town’s British Colonial touches to bright Caribbean colors. The style has a personality that is fun, funky, and a little bit rebellious.

Here are some tips for bringing a piece of this delicious island attitude into your home.

1) Add Key West Signature Colors

Key Westers are fearless in their color choices, with palettes inspired by a parrot’s plumage. But they are okay with light, bright pastels as well…

Even when you don’t notice them, colors shape our perceptions, support visual coolness or warmth, darkness or brightness, contrast or similarity. It is a visual language that permeates our homes and our lives.

Industry experts predict that this year, color will be used to reconnect to home and hearth, reigniting passions for nature and the continuous desire for more peace and serenity in our lives.

There’s good news for color enthusiasts: forest greens, ocean-inspired blues, and earth tones are expected to be among the top colors this year, with bright and cheery hues sprinkled in.

Quick Tips on Choosing Colors

It is easy to get…

Popularized in the mid-20th century, Florida Rooms are making a comeback, and we are here for it.

These sun-filled sanctuaries feature plenty of windows that let in tons of natural light, making them warm and inviting spaces to read, relax, and simply hang out.

It’s not surprising that a state made for escaping to would inspire some incredible things, such as key lime pie, classic films (Key Largo), and more. However, one of the best and most overlooked things created by the Sunshine State has to be its namesake room.

Paradoxically, a Florida Room lets you enjoy the outdoors throughout…

If you’re weighing the pros and cons of buying a less expensive faux leather sofa rather than real, genuine leather, let our guide help you decide which is wiser.

Real leather is more expensive for good reason. Animal hide — whether buttery soft or exquisitely distressed — will reward you with a feeling of luxury and prestige for up to 20 years. Not so with “faux.” Synthetic laminates may look good and feel soft (maybe a little too soft!) in the store, but you can expect many to peel, crack, fade and sag within a few years. Here’s why.

Faux Leather Deconstructed


Whether you’re shopping for a signature piece of new furniture to add to a room you love, or are starting from scratch, it can be exciting to imagine how the room will come together. But, unless you’re a professional interior designer, it can be tricky to accurately visualize how the finished room will look. Will it live up to your expectations?

Luckily, there are five great room layout apps that can show you how your furniture will fit, using fun 2D and 3D graphics and drag-and-drop functionality.

These are our top five picks for 2D and 3D interior design software…

Coffee tables play an important role in your family room, adding both function and design elements. It is often the focal point of your gathering space. Keeping it neat is a no-brainer, but you can take it a few steps further by creating a coffee tablescape that is sure to get even more attention.

If you are wondering how to style a coffee table, these simple touches can help you level up your interior décor.

1. Simplify the Design

Keeping it simple creates an attractive display that doesn’t confuse or disrupt the eye. This Island Fusion Nobu Asian-Inspired Square Cocktail Table from Tommy Bahama…

If you have kids, furniture forts can be an unavoidable part of your life.

If it’s in their nature, as soon as the kiddos are mobile, they begin making forts out of blankets, sheets, and furniture. They may be simple at first, using a few sofa cushions and whatever blankets they can find; but as your little architects grow, so does the size and complexity of their forts. …

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