A Color Story: Beautiful Color Palettes for Home Furnishings

Choosing color palettes for your home can be a challenging task. Picking just one paint color can be tricky, so choosing a color story for your entire house that ties together each room and the home furnishings in them can seem even more daunting. How do you know which paint colors go together? Where do you even start? Gather up some inspiration and a little courage and let’s go on a journey to discover which color palettes are best for your home.

All Visible Spaces Create a Color Story

Create Continuity between Spaces

First, look around your home and take note of which rooms and spaces are visible from one another. There are many ways you can do this, a vision board or blueprint if that is your style, or even a simple sketch can help you keep track. Think about adjoining rooms, of course, but don’t forget spaces where you can see down the hallway and through to the kitchen. The notes you make will become the foundation of your entire color palette, so keep them handy.

Begin by choosing a color for the largest, most centrally located space. This is usually the kitchen or living room and is the best place to begin your home’s color story. If choosing colors stresses you out, consider a soft, neutral color for the central space. This will make selecting colors for the rest of the rooms easier. You really can’t go too wrong with white or cream-colored walls.

Alternatively, you can begin with the space you want to have the boldest color. If bold colors are your thing and you have a specific one in mind for a particular room, begin there instead. Look out from the room with the bold color and pick a more subdued, softer color for the adjoining space. Of course, if you wish, you can put bold colors alongside each other, but beware. This carries the risk of the rooms in your home looking like a box of crayons.

Shades and Tints Add Depth and Texture

Buidl Your Color Story with Shades and Tints

From here, build your color story by using shades of the same hue on the adjacent walls or rooms. A good way to determine the shade is to get a paint chip with your main hue on it, and choose the next color either up or down on the paint chip. Or when have your main color mixed at the paint store, have them add some white to make a lighter version. This method gives your home depth and interest and you can be certain that the colors will go together.

You need to develop a strategy for choosing colors for an open area that is visually accessible from most of your house, as is the case in many open-concept homes. Making sure your colors work together is even more important. Using tints and shades of the same hue will work well in this type of floorplan. Note: Shades are darker versions of a hue, and tints are lighter.

Draw from Nature

Another way to approach your color palette is to use a nature-inspired theme for the entire space that highlights your home furnishings. For example, if you choose the beach as your inspiration, use colors found at the beach: gray-blues or gray-greens, sandy beiges, and even shell white. Colors that go together well in nature will go together well on your walls.

If you are using bold colors in your rooms, try keeping the connecting space neutral. Beige, white, gray, or greige are safe choices for places like hallways and foyers. This also gives your eyes a place to rest between areas that have been painted with more saturated colors. Conversely, if your rooms are neutral, the hallway and foyer can be great places to experiment with color without a big commitment. And it doesn’t have to be a big leap from the other colors in your palette, just a shade or two darker can make an impact.

Committing to a palette for an entire house can seem intimidating, so test your potential palette before you get started. As you narrow down your choices, bring home some test paint. Sample cards can be deceptive and you really need to see the paint as it looks on your walls and in the lighting of your home. Painting swatches on your walls will give you a better idea of how the paint looks and if the colors work well together.

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