A Couple’s First Furniture Shopping Trip

Meet Ruth and Bill. They have been together for two years and are taking the next big step in their relationship by moving in together. They rarely argue and have similar taste in food, music and television. Together, they have entered their nearest Baer’s Furniture to find fixtures for their new home. Unsuspectingly, they have also entered a new dimension in which nothing is what it seems.

TAKE FIVE Barclay Corner Sectional Sofa at Baer’s Furniture

“What about this one?” Bill asks. He is pointing to a mid-century modern Barclay Sectional Sofa. Ruth sits on it but disagrees. “It’s too big for our space.” They continue walking and come across a reclining leather sofa. Bill thinks it’s perfect, but Ruth’s opinion differs, “Ugh, this reminds of a bachelor pad, I want something more traditional.”

Hayden Place Queen Headboard and Storage Footboard Sleigh Bed t Baer’s Furniture

The couple can’t seem to agree on the right couch so they move on to looking at bedrooms. Ruth points out the Sag Harbor Tufted Headboard, but Bill thinks it is much too girly. He prefers the Hayden Place Headboard and Storage Footboard Sleigh Bed, but she’s worried about bumping into the wooden drawers in the middle of the night.

They move on to dining room sets. Round, square, rectangular — there are too many options and they’re headed in opposite directions of the showroom. She wants something large enough for entertaining, but he sees no point in buying something so big when it’s only going to be the two of them. Or is it?

Ruth and Bill can’t escape the twilight furniture shopping zone, continuing to walk in circles in a place where disagreements thrive and no one goes home happy. Together, they remain in the Twilight Furniture Shopping Zone.


If you’re moving in with your partner and plan to buy new furniture, heed the following advice to avoid the furniture shopping pitfall.

Before You Go…

You’ve been with your partner for a long time and rarely fight, which means furniture shopping should be a breeze, right? Not necessarily. Before you go furniture shopping, begin by talking about what you’re looking for specifically. If you’re looking for living room furniture, consider the following:

· Do you want a loveseat? Couch? Sectional?

· What material do you prefer?

· What color preferences do you love?

· What style do you like most, traditional, modern, bohemian, industrial?

· How much do you want to spend?

If you plan to buy furniture for your entire home, then you need to think about the kitchen, living room, bedroom, dining room and more. Make sure you talk about design preferences and costs. If you like more modern pieces, but your partner prefers traditional, do some homework. Seek out some pieces online that you both like and either go to the furniture retailer with those in mind or to discuss with a designer what you’re seeking.

While You’re There…

Remember what you discussed and find furniture that meets the compromises you made in picking the right furniture for your new home. If you plan on re-doing your entire home, set up an appointment with a Baer’s design specialist who can help you bring your vision as a couple to life.

Finally, don’t argue or make rash decisions. The furniture you purchase could be the furniture that stays with you through an engagement, marriage and your future.

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Baer’s Furniture is Florida’s premier furniture store carrying the biggest variety of brands and 100% genuine leather. http://www.baers.com/

Baer’s Furniture is Florida’s premier furniture store carrying the biggest variety of brands and 100% genuine leather. http://www.baers.com/