Add a Little Flair to Any Room with a Red Leather Sofa

Add a little panache to your home with a red leather sofa.

A berry red leather sofa will stand out in any room — it’s an automatic focal point in the space. For this reason, the rest of the pieces and finishes in the room should highlight rather than compete with the sofa, but also keep it from overshadowing the entire space. Not an easy task, but it will be made easier if you keep in mind that with a large piece of furniture in a statement color, such as a red leather sofa, balance is everything.

Complement with Color

When working with such a bright shade, your first thought might be to keep everything neutral to offset the color of the couch. However, using a complementary color will balance the red of the sofa and keep it from taking over. Red and green are complementary colors, but that doesn’t mean your room will look like Christmas. Reds of this shade need colors that contains a bit blue, such as turquoise, and when you use these shades throughout the room, you’ll balance out the red.

But remember, you don’t want to mask the red, let it stand out. Using throw pillows, artwork or décor pieces in a blue-green color will enhance the red of the sofa while making the space more interesting. Alternatively, you could use colors closest on the color wheel, such as purple, orange, or yellow. These colors can be used in larger amounts than you would your turquoise accents.

Create Balance with Soft Fabrics

Although the berry red color of your leather couch will be the first thing that draws the eye, rich, supple leather creates drama in its own right. Since much of design is about adding balance to a space, offsetting this with some softer textures near the sofa will make the room more inviting. A rug in front of or beneath the piece adds warmth. Throw pillows and a thoughtfully place blanket in plush fabric or heavy knit can also balance the leather.

Use Neutrals Wisely

If you don’t want to use complementary colors you can also balance the sofa with neutrals. If the warmth of the red is what drew you to it, incorporate beige-toned whites or browns throughout the space. Use crisp whites, light gray, and even a little black to bring out the cool tones. Neutrals will work well on the walls, in an area rug grounding the furniture, as flooring and any other larger portions of the room. By using these neutrals, you let the color of the biggest piece of furniture in the room shine through. Using neutrals coupled with complementary blue-greens to offset the red will give you a balanced, well-designed space.

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