Choosing Furniture that Will Last for Generations

Buying furniture is a big investment and for many, these are pieces that will make a house into a home. While trends come and go, some furniture is a true investment that can last for generations.

When choosing furniture that will go into new homes time and time again, you are choosing pieces that will be passed on with fond memories. Maybe you remember always sitting around grandma’s dining room table during Thanksgiving or recall the curio your aunt always kept the kids away from. Now, it’s your turn to find pieces that will be passed on to your children and their children.

While you’re researching sizes, colors and styles, consider the following if you plan to invest in furniture that can be handed down.

Baers Furniture Sandcastle Dining Set

Invest in Good Quality

Choose Useful Pieces

Traditional Leather Sofa at Baer’s Furniture

Go for a Classic Design

Lastly, and possibly most importantly, take good care of the furniture. Get information on what kind of what it is made of, how it can be cleaned and how it can be repaired. Avoid exposing the furniture to too much direct sunlight, which can be tricky in Florida. Keep wood surfaces clean and polished. And don’t forget to pass down this knowledge to the furniture’s new owners. A little bit of elbow grease goes a long way when you intend to have furniture last several generations.

Check out Baer’s Furniture on Pinterest for more design inspiration.

Baer’s Furniture is Florida’s premier furniture store carrying the biggest variety of brands and 100% genuine leather.

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