Colors of the Year: How to Integrate into Your Home

The colors in your home tell your story, and the color trends for 2017 include everything from icy hues to warm, inviting tones. Below are some color stories that are likely to emerge for interiors in the coming year.

Universal Colors

We are more connected to the world around us than any other time in history. Technological changes, not to mention social media, have brought us closer to communities around the globe, and those communities have influenced trends in interior design. This enhanced connection will bring stunning colors drawn from other cultures into our homes. Look for color palettes inspired by Cuban, Asian, African, and Middle Eastern cultures.

Red has significant meaning in many cultures — it can symbolize confidence, action, and courage. In 2017 you can expect to see a resurgence of red representing bravery and courage. Add red to your current décor with throw pillows and area rugs. Or upholster a side chair in plush red velvet to create interest and texture. You can go even bolder by using a red colorway for a small bathroom. Bold colors in small spaces is another up and coming trend.

A happy, saturated harvest yellow will also be used in next year’s interiors. This is a rich yellow tone that hints at earthiness. This color works well with an earthy red and grounded blue. Green-yellow makes a nice, uplifting accent. Gray will remain popular, but in a warmer hue. It evokes new beginnings and makes a great backdrop to bolder reds, yellows, and greens.

Youthful Glow

This color story strikes a balance between opposing tones and emphasizes a simple, pared-down design style. Generations are becoming more fluid and this color palette reflects that. It views youth not as an age but an attitude, and attitude is what it has. In 2017 you can expect to see lots of celebratory colors that foster inclusiveness and blend advances in technology with a back-to-nature feel.

Technology will continue to play a key role in our daily lives, and that inspires dark, powerful grays for the coming year, paired with bold yellow or strong orange to create a sense of health and vitality. Natural, earthy greens grow in popularity, representing growth, endurance, and simplicity. These earthy greens will be complemented by a deep, plum-black that allows the bright colors to take root.

Paint the walls an earthy green, keep the furniture neutral, and add deep plum accents for a dramatic look. Or add some green pillows, a green chair, or even a green chest of drawers to your existing décor to give it a little youthful glow.

Breath of Fresh Air

Look for a fresh spin on natural textures and colors in 2017 with cleansing tones that encourage health, connection, and considerate living. Simple, balancing tones will inspire temporarily unplugging from the digital realm and getting back to basics. Soft, dusty blues, sage-y yellow-greens, and grounded, earthy red-browns will create excitement with their forward-thinking simplicity.

These colors will go well in bedrooms, either on the walls or as area rugs over classic wood flooring. They can be used to highlight simple architectural details in an entryway or to add color to a living room or family room. Their warm textures and bright prints create a fun and inviting space.

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