Create a Beachy Retreat with Island Style Furniture

Love that beachy, breezy retreat feel, don’t know how to get it? Tropical style is still one of the hottest trends and particularly suited to the sunny South Florida lifestyle. Homeowners everywhere are adding tropical touches to their homes. From warm, rich wood accent furniture to lustrous furnishings, this style gives off an air of sophistication along with a mellow, relaxed vibe. This bright, cheerful décor turns your home into a beachy retreat that is both the perfect place to relax at the end of the day and great for weekend get-togethers.

But turning your home into a tropical retreat isn’t just placing a few plants in the corner or tropical prints to your décor. It’s about choosing the right colors, accents, and indoor plants to make your tropical metamorphosis complete.

Get the Details Right

It’s the little things that bring a tropical-inspired room to life. A few jungle-y hints go a long way. Elegant and refined, yet cool and casual, this island-style furniture embodies tropical décor with its rich blend of natural materials, textures, and finishes on the by Tommy Bahama. It features a leather-wrapped rattan headboard and footboard, along with high and low carved bamboo posts that create dramatic island flair. These details, along with bold botanical prints, give your bedroom a dose of exotic island fun.

Add Bold Wallpaper

When you really want to feel like you are in the tropics, not just in a room that’s kind of decorated like the tropics, go wild with wall to wall wallpaper in a bold, botanical print. These days you can find wallpaper in all kinds of prints and colors, including tropical palm trees and monstera leaves. If you’re not sure you want to commit to an entirely wallpapered room, go the accent wall route. Add a real plant, such as a banana leaf palm to cement the look.

Play with Light and Dark

Homes that do tropical décor right understand what makes the look special. One of the best features of tropical style is the way dark wood plays with light spaces. For example, in this dining room featuring the and other pieces from this Tommy Bahama collection. There’s a ton of tropical style in this space, from the dark, architectural doors in the background to the leather-wrapped rattan frame of the chairs. This blend of British West Indies and Polynesian inspiration is a quintessential element of tropical style.

Add a Little Blue

When creating a neutral tropical palette, add a little blue to make the style pop. Combined with neutral interiors, dark wood, and a few plants, this color is the epitome of tropical cool. You can easily add it to a dining room or living room by adding pretty blue tea pillows and translucent blue glass dinnerware or accessories such as a glass lamp. You’ll find these touches of blue make all the difference.

For those times when you can’t hop on a plane to an exotic location, you can retreat to your favorite room and bask in the restful, relaxing beachy retreat you’ve created.

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