Create a Plush New Look with Layered Rugs

When people think about updating their interior décor, they usually think of painting, rearranging the furniture, or adding new accessories. Most don’t realize a simple solution could be right under their feet. Yes, I’m talking about one of the newest design trends: layering area rugs.

Many people consider their floor covering as set in stone (for some it actually is stone) and something that is difficult to change. However, even if you have wall to wall carpeting, you can create a plush new look by layering area rugs for added texture and visual interest.

When choosing area rugs for layering, look for colors and textures that work well together, so that your rugs will enhance and complement each other while adding unique style to any room. Consider your current flooring — whether carpet, wood, tile, or laminate — as the background. Then follow these easy tips to nail the layered rug look and you’ll create a plush new look that is big on style.

Montecito Sofa from the ED Ellen DeGeneres Collection by Thomasville Furniture

Choose Your Color Scheme

Texturize Your Floors

Size and Proportion Matters

Pattern Play

Shape It Up

Now that you have the basics of layering area rugs to create a unique look for your home, go play.

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