Decorate with Bright, White, Contemporary Natuzzi Leather Furniture

Comfortable, easy to care for, and child and pet friendly, leather furniture can be a great addition to any room in your home. There’s something really sumptuous about plopping down on leather furniture to watch your favorite show or catch up with your reading. Below are some suggestions incorporating durable, comfortable Natuzzi Editions leather furniture into your home.

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white leather living room set by Natuzzi Editions

Create a Sophisticate Look with White Leather

Traditional leather sofas are dark by nature, so when you think leathers, white may not be the first color you consider. Many people are hesitant to choose white — they worry that it will show dirt more easily than darker furniture. However, adding white leather furniture to your home will give it an air of cool, sleek elegance and style. When done correctly, white leather creates a look that is very sophisticated.

Choose black and white throw pillows for a simple, chic look or layer with cream or white accent pillows and throw blankets for a more casual look. Pale accessories and area rugs bring in light and add contrast. Surrounding your classically designed leather pieces with earth tones will enhance its natural beauty, as seen in the Natuzzi Editions Stationary Living Room Group pictured above. This set combine’s plush comfort with sleek design, to give you unparalleled seating in your hip family room.

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“Chair and a Half” from the Natuzzi Editions Stationary Living Room Group

Or, if you prefer that your leather furniture simply blend in with the room, you can surround it with similar colors. For example, the white leather Natuzzi Editions chair and a half above is surrounded with soft grays and beiges and plenty of sunlight. This family friendly option can also add a contemporary vibe to a room with either traditional or cottage elements. It is a stylish and pleasing lounge in which to relax and unwind.

Leather now comes in all shades and colors, and although it can seem tricky, decorating with white leather it is not impossible, and it definitely adds a bit of panache to your home. Adding an upholstered ottoman can add a little whimsy to your Natuzzi Editions furniture. Visit a Baer’s Furniture showroom and take advantage of their complimentary design service. One of the talented Baer’s associates can help you put it together.

Looking for more interior design inspiration? Check out Baer’s Furniture on Houzz!

Baer’s Furniture is Florida’s premier furniture store carrying the biggest variety of brands and 100% genuine leather.

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