Enriching Designs at Baer’s

When it comes to decorating your spaces, you want to find the proper balance between glamour and charm. You want to create a room that expresses your personality and makes you feel at home. The best way to create a sophisticated space that doesn’t overwhelm is by picking the right kind of clean simplicity that says a lot more in subtle ways. If you like to appreciate simple beauty, then you will enjoy Bernhardt’s Salon Collection found at Baer’s Furniture. With its playful use of cream pallets and metallic gold structures, this collection has everything you’re looking for to add that glamorous pop to any room.

The Salon 3 Drawer Desk with Metal Base is a piece that exudes glamour. Its shiny surface is complimented by a beautiful gold base. A desk like this is so versatile that it can be used to get down to business or class up a bathroom as a dressing table. Though this piece is composed of simple lines, its overall appearance creates a picture of beauty and grace.

Another clean-cut look from the Salon Collection brings everyone together to share a meal on a piece that whispers sophisticated elegance. Bernhardt’s Salon Dining Table features a metallic base with a clear surface to complement it. This design brings modern class into any room without overwhelming.

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