Genuine Leather’s Lifespan: A Furniture Story for Generations

I don’t know when my birthday is, because I can’t remember when I was made, but I have a long history. I remember sitting in the furniture store, many people sat on me, oohing and ahing about how comfortable I was, admiring my classic good looks. One day a young couple came in and looked around. They kept coming back to me, I could sense their desire and their indecision. I didn’t think much of it, until I heard them say “We’ll take it.” Oh, this was exciting. Before I knew it, I was wrapped, shipped, and delivered to my new home.

I was carefully placed in a small living room. Almost too small for my commanding presence. There was barely enough room to move around me. I was a little worried that the young couple would change their minds, but they curled up comfortably and I heard sighs of satisfaction. I knew I was home.

Leather Furniture from Natuzzi Editions

The days began to take on a familiar routine. I enjoyed comfortable nights watching TV. Every once in a while, the couple would invite friends over to watch something special on TV. I found out this was called movie night. They had popcorn, snacks, and settled in. Action movies, romantic comedies, sometimes even documentaries, I didn’t care. I was just happy I could accommodate all the guests. Everyone agreed that movie night was best when watched with me.

Other times, they would have guests over to watch TV. Sometimes, everyone would jump up and cheer, spilling chips, salsa, and drinks all over me. No one worried about this, a quick wipe down made everything all right. Sometimes, after what I came to understand was called “the game” they give me a massage with something called a “vacuum.” I especially liked those days.

Eventually, the young couple moved. I saw boxes and friends coming in to help, but no one seemed to notice me. I was worried I’d be left behind. Then, someone came in to carefully wrap me in soft blankets so I would be protected from scratches, tears, scuffs, and dirt. I was loaded into a truck and taken away.

When I was unwrapped, I discovered I was in the couple’s new, much larger home. This was a space in which I could truly shine. Soon, there was a new arrival. A new chair. Not like me, this chair was different. I’m not one to judge, but it seemed a little shallow. Maybe like it was glued together. I’m not really a snob, but this new chair just didn’t scream quality.

Soon, I noticed, the new comer was absent. What could have happened? I looked out the window and saw the chair by the curb. Something must have happened, it looked like it was missing a leg.

One day, I heard a strange noise. I felt a light weight on me. What is this creature? Looks like the couple got a puppy. I remember hearing about this type of phenomenon back at the furniture store. Many pieces of furniture are worried when a pet enters the house, but not me. I am leather, I can handle anything. After the puppy came another new edition: a baby. Soon there was a second baby. As the puppy and children grew together, I really came into my own. I was spilled on, jumped on, played on. I enjoyed being a part of their antics with no worries, I am durable and can stand up to almost any amount of wear and tear.

I often heard discussions about replacing “that old sofa.” I don’t even know what that means. Could it be that not everyone liked my rugged good looks? Over the years, I remained firmly ensconced in the living room supporting my family through everything that life has to offer. There will come a day when I will be passed down in the family and I feel secure in the knowledge that whoever claims me will show me the same kind of love and appreciation that I have had over the years.

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