Grandmillenial Design Style — No Plastic Sofa Covers Allowed

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4 min readFeb 11, 2022

Grandmillenial Design Style — No Plastic Sofa Covers Allowed

Maybe you can still remember going to a family member’s home or the house of a friend’s older relative and seeing fitted plastic dust covers over brocade living room furniture that was not designed to withstand the rigors of everyday use. While those plastic furniture covers were less than aesthetically appealing and would cling to bare skin, you may feel nostalgic about those classic pieces underneath. The Grandmillenial trend is reconstructing classic furniture looks for the modern home. Thanks to the improved durability of furniture materials, modern pieces can mimic these elaborate early-20th-century furniture designs without requiring awkward translucent plastic to protect them. If, after years of minimalist design, you’re yearning for ornate patterns and curvy lines, we have some good news for you; Grandmillenial may be the gamechanger you’ve been waiting for.

What Is the Grandmillenial Home Decorating Style?

Grandmillenial is a relatively new term used to describe individuals who range in age from mid-20s to late-30s and prefer trends that might be considered dated or out of style. With regard to interior decorating, Grandmillenial design tends to favor more traditional and farmhouse styles. Earmarks of Grandmillenial style include patterned wallpaper, tablecloths, and of course, furniture fabric, mixed prints, ornate fixtures, lace, and more. Many furniture pieces combine traditional wood like cherry, mahogany, or walnut with patterned fabrics.

Grandmillenial vs. Minimalism

Grandmillenial style is close to the polar opposite of Minimalism. Where minimalist furniture has clean, straight lines, Grandmillenial furniture has rounded edges. Minimalist decor treats decluttering as a legal edict, while Grandmillenial style almost celebrates busyness. Minimalist color palettes are muted and monotone, and Grandmillenial is anything but. But is it likely that Grandmillenial design will unseat Minimalism as the premier design trend? It seems more likely that this new-old style will serve as a popular alternative for those seeking change.

The Sturdiness of Newer Grandmillenial Furniture

New production Grandmillenial furniture has several advantages over the pieces that inspired their creation. Modern fabrics, treatments, construction techniques, and materials have made Grandmillenial style furniture much more durable than its predecessors. For instance, 3Ms Scotchgard and similar stain repellants didn’t gain widespread popularity among furniture manufacturers until the 1970s. While many less-expensive pieces are poorly constructed, quality furniture manufacturers, whose brands you’ll find at Baer’s Furniture and other top-tier retailers, retain the high-quality craftsmanship of traditional furniture makers while using sturdier fabrics, ticking, frame materials, etc.

How to Achieve the Grandmillenial Look

If you’re sold on Grandmillenial style, and you want to begin building out a space with this classical look, the following tips will help move you in the right direction:

Embrace Patterns

Solid color pairings within a single color palettes work with many decorating trends, but in order to pull off Grandmillenial design, you need to incorporate patterns. Florals, stripes, pin dots, and plaids can all work with this theme. Don’t be shy about mixing a few, but don’t overdo it, or you can create a space that’s visually discomforting, and no one wants that in their home.

Broaden Your Color Options

If you’ve grown bored with the limiting color options of the Minimalist style, you’re in luck. Grandmillenial brings color back into design. Pastels are prevalent with this decor, and you can imagine rooms with a variety of options.

Declutter Your Space

No, your TV remote and charging cords still aren’t considered accessories, but you can adorn your room with decorative items, like pillows, throws, vases with flower arrangements, lamps, figurines, and more. To maintain a neat, professionally-designed look, make sure your extra items have places where they belong.

Buy a Statement Piece to Build Around

Many great rooms begin with a single piece of furniture. Grandmillenial style features furnishings that are a little “extra”: curvy lines, patterned fabrics, polished wooden legs, and more are the earmarks of Grandmillenial statements pieces. If you’re not sure where to start, consider an accent chair for your inaugural piece.

Set Your Sites on Cozy

Coziness is a trademark of Grandmillenial design, so warm up your room with plush accessories that improve your comfort levels.

Shop Grandmillenial Style and More

Baer’s Furniture has a reputation for selling high-quality, durable furniture pieces that are built to last for years. Grandmillenial does not mean a return to the fussy, flimsy furniture your grandmother once protected with plastic shielding. Shop Grandmillenial furniture at Baer’s today!



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