Hotel-Like Touches That Make Your Guest Room Welcoming

A comfortable bed, a bedside table, a lamp, and a place to store clothes are all your guests need, right? Wrong. Level up your guest’s stay by hotel-ifying your guest room to make sure they enjoy their stay.

Begin with a neutral palette and soft, touchable textures that make the room a haven. Then add crisp linens, plenty of pillows, and bathroom amenities to put your guest room on par with any luxury hotel. Not sure how? Check out the steps below to create that spa-like feel for your guests.

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Tommy Bahama Home Beach House creates the perfect hotel ambiance.

Hotel-Style Bedding and Linens

Some of the best things about a luxury hotel are the crisp white sheets and plethora of pillows that adorn the bed. So don’t take shortcuts when it comes to linens, bedding, and pillows. Mix neutral colors on the comforter and throws with the white linens and add a little color with pillows to keep the palette from becoming dull. Use hotel-quality pillows that give your guests the right support.

Lighting That Sets the Mood

Warm, ambient lighting creates a comforting and welcoming glow, but don’t forget that your guests may want to read in bed. An overhead light on a dimmer can control the ambient lighting in the room, while lamps on the bedside tables offer enough light for reading. If your guest room is on the small side, and you have smaller bedside tables, consider swing arm lamps attached to the wall on each side of the bed.

Something to Read before Bed

Those hotel-quality pillows will come in handy when your guests want to read in bed. So will a selection of reading materials. Fill a small basket with a variety of newspapers, magazines, and even a local publication or guidebook so that your guests can plan their stay.

A Welcome Basket

Chances are there’s something your guest left behind. A welcome basket waiting for them will make sure they have everything they need. It can be as simple as some water and a few snacks, or more elaborate with soaps, shampoo, conditioner, and hand lotion. Also, include a card with your Internet wi-fi password so they won’t have to ask for it.

A Place for Their Luggage

Even if your guests are only staying overnight, a luggage rack or bench where they can place their suitcase is a nice touch. This makes it easier for your guests to unpack and even if they don’t unpack, they don’t have to leave their suitcase on the floor.

A Charging Station

We all travel with our devices these days, at the minimum a cell phone and possibly a tablet or laptop as well. There is nothing more frustrating than having to unplug something to charge your devices. Set up a charging station with enough outlets for charging several devices.

Closet Space

If your guests are staying for more than a day or two, or are in town for a special event, they will want to unpack or at least hang up anything they don’t want to wrinkle. Living out of a suitcase is frustrating and uncomfortable. Make sure you have hangers, an extra blanket, and linens in the closet for them to use. A steam iron and blow dryer are a nice touch.

Use as many of these ideas as you like to make sure your guests have a memorable, comfortable, and pleasant visit.

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