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How a Furniture Refresh Can Help Your Mental Health

To say that life can be stressful after the past two years we’ve endured would be a colossal understatement. With fewer activities available, many of us are spending fewer hours in social settings, like bars and restaurants, and more time in our homes. Even social gatherings have migrated to the living room and dining room as small informal get-togethers in the home have become the rule of the day.

One of the ways that you can lift your spirits and improve your everyday mood is by refreshing the furniture in these spaces where you’re going to be spending so much time — and Baer’s home décor experts are going to make sure you do it right.

How Your Space Defines Your Mood

As sensory beings, our physical environment has a strong bearing on our mental well-being. While spending a few hours in a cluttered, chaotic, and loud environment can put you in a bad mood, living in that kind of space makes you feel frazzled and stressed all of the time. With furniture being an essential element of any room, it stands to reason that improving your furnishings can go a long way towards helping you feel calm, relaxed, and rested.

Tips for Improving Your Living Space

The following tips are designed not only to help you improve your space with new furniture but to make the redecorating process itself less stressful.


Switching out your bed, sofa, or table may pay serious dividends when it comes to improving the appearance of your room, but if the space around it is cramped and untidy, it probably won’t elevate your mood as much as it should. Store or get rid of unnecessary items. Consider buying a cabinet, buffet, or chest for additional storage. You’d be amazed at how a single cabinet can clear excess clutter and add beauty to a room.

Install a Dimmer Switch

Lighting is essential to emotional wellbeing. If you have inadequate lighting in your space, it will seem dark, depressing, and smaller. If you don’t have ample natural light coming in, you can add lamps or even increase the wattage on your existing lighting. A dimmer switch can give you a limitless range of lighting levels for your varying moods.

Coordinate Colors

If you don’t like the color scheme of the room, this is a great time to rethink the palette. Whether you’re in the bedroom, living room, dining room, home office, etc., the furniture will be dominant features of the space, so it’s important that they work well with other colors. If you have your heart set on a particular sofa or chair that doesn’t match your walls or floors, it may be time for a new coat of paint or an area rug to tie the room together.

Choose Furniture for Both Appearance and Comfort

Furniture is not a place where you should have to make compromises, particularly if you’re using it as a vehicle for improved mental health. Beds, sofas, and chairs ought to not only look inviting and coordinate with the other elements in the room, but they should also be places where you want to spend time. Home office furniture, on the other hand, needs to be clean, efficient, and ergonomically correct, but it should make the room look appealing. The comfort factor is particularly important when you’re upgrading chairs, sofas, mattresses, tables, and desks.

Decorate One Space at a Time

Getting stressed out over a massive home makeover may not be the best way to improve your mental health — particularly if you’re already overwhelmed by the daily aspects of life. By breaking up your furniture refresh into smaller projects, you can take breaks before moving on to the next room. Or you can divide your project into phases: floors, walls, furniture, accessories. It’s helpful to have an overall plan, but you don’t have to execute your design all at once. Enjoy the reinvention of your home.

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