How to Add Pantone Colors of the Year 2021 to Your Home

Those of us who wait all year for Pantone’s color predictions feel especially blessed with two gorgeous colors for 2021. And don’t we deserve to have these colors that feel like sunshine wrapped around the silver lining of a cloud? Illuminating yellow brightens our days while Ultimate gray reminds of us of good things to come. These colors represent strength and optimism, a color story that is deeply thoughtful as well as friendly and light.

Here are a few ways to bring the color story of Pantone’s Colors of the Year 2021 into your home.

Gray and Yellow Kitchen Color Scheme

Kitchens are meant to be light, bright, and optimistic, so adding some yellow to your kitchen can help accomplish this. Ultimate Gray, like all grays, is a timeless neutral and an excellent choice for kitchen cabinets if you don’t want to go with white. It makes for a soft, cool backdrop that lets you switch colors as your tastes change.

Bring in yellow with kitchen accessories, such as a floor runner or bright pottery pieces on display. Gray and yellow reusable dishcloths are a budget and eco-friendly way to incorporate these colors and keep the space warm and welcoming.

Brighten the Bedroom with Colorful Linens

For some, painting gray or yellow walls is a little too much. However, you don’t need to go that far to bring Pantone Colors of the Year 2021 into your bedroom. Choose gray and yellow textiles to add another layer of coziness to the space. The yellow brightens and warms, while the gray keeps the space from getting too “hot.” Cool colors are best for creating a relaxing bedroom, but a little color helps keep it lively. These colors work best with most neutral color schemes.

However, if you are up for painting your bedroom, gray gives you a soothing, neutral backdrop. Add a yellow patterned area rug or bright throw blanket for a burst of vibrant color. Mirrored or metallic accents give you a gray variation that adds dimension and shine.

Add Color with Accessories

A sunny throw pillow will chase away the dreariest day, brightening your mood and your home. Throw pillows are great for adding color; you can swap them out on a whim, although you probably won’t want to give up this lovely color. Wall art, area rugs, throw blankets, and other accessories are some of the best ways to add color to your living room without having to commit to it on the wall right away.

Start by adding a few accessories to see how the colors play in your space. Live with it for a while, and if you love it, add more.

Gray and Yellow Bathroom Color Palette

The bathroom is a small space and easy to paint, so try adding this beautiful gray on the walls. Add yellow with towels, an area rug, a bold yellow woven laundry basket, and accessories on the counter. Add plants in gray and yellow ceramic planters. Framed yellow and gray wall art and a shower curtain make the space both classic and on-trend.

No matter how you choose to bring these colors into your home’s interior design, you’ll be glad of the lightness and brightness they bring to the space.

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