How to Protect Your Furniture during a Move

Wood furniture is more likely to incur damage during a move than any other item. Whether it is an antique armoire, a dining room table passed down from generation to generation, or a brand new dresser, you want to make sure your wood furniture is properly protected during a move.

When you are moving to a new home or downsizing into a condo, there are a few things you can do to make sure your furniture is ready for the big move.

Prep Furniture for Packing

Before the movers arrive, take the time to thoroughly clean and dust your wood furniture. Your furniture can easily be scratched by dust and debris during a move. Cleaning your furniture before packing and moving it means you won’t be bringing old dirt into your new home.

Also, any knobs, casters, or pulls should be removed before packing. For tables and chairs where you cannot remove the legs, wrap the legs with towels, pieces of cloth, or put socks on them. This will protect them from contact with floors, door frames, and doors, minimizing the chance of dents and scratches.

Disassemble Furniture in Advance

Depending on what type of furniture you are moving, there may be more or less disassembly required. Couches often have legs that can be easily unscrewed and placed in a box. Taking off removable pieces makes your furniture easier to maneuver and prevents damage.

If you are moving leather furniture, run a towel over it several times to make sure it is completely dry before it is wrapped for the move. Moisture is your leather furniture’s worst nightmare — it can cause the leather to degrade and smell.

Keep screws, knobs and other hardware organized in sealable plastic. Label and tape the bag securely to the item. If possible, have the furniture disassembled the day before your move so it is ready for the movers. Of course, your beds might not be able to be taken apart until the day of your move, but your office, living room, and dining room furniture can be.

Plan an Escape Route

Measure the doors to make sure your larger furniture pieces will fit through them, and around any corners and sharp turns. Once you have determined the best and easiest way to take your furniture out, make sure the path is clear of obstacles on moving day. And take a lot of pictures before the movers arrive, just in case, so that you have a record of the condition of your furniture before the move.

Moving doesn’t have to be stressful, and if you take the steps outlined above, you’ll take some of the stress out of your move.

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