How to Style a Dark Leather Couch

There’s nothing more classic than a dark leather couch or sofa with rolled arms, plush cushions, and nailhead trim. In addition, they are extremely practical. Dark brown leather is forgiving of dirt and stains, family friendly, and easy to clean.

But this traditional dark look can feel visually heavy in a space. Some think it is blah, boring, or limiting. However, with clever accessorizing and layering, you can create a room is balanced, attractive, and comfortable.

Lighten Up

Traditional leather sofas are usually dark, so the quickest and easiest way to balance that out is to surround it with light walls and accessories. A dark brown sofa won’t take over the space when surrounded by lighter elements. A light hue on the wall, patterned cushions, and an oriental rug help lighten the room yet stay in harmony with the classic theme. Or even better, natural light streaming through a wall of windows.

You can also balance the room by adding upholstered chairs as seen in the picture below. The Foster Stationary Sofa by Bernhardt is the focal point of the room, however, it is balanced by the stone fireplace, cream colored-walls, and oriental rug giving the room a chic look.

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Leather Furniture from Bernhardt

Take the focus off the furniture by layering the room with different textures and finishes — from ottomans and side tables to consoles and end tables. Bring in living trees and one-of-a-kind artwork.

There are several ways to turn attention away from the leather sofa, but another option is to embrace it and make it the focal point of your room’s décor. While it can be a challenge to decorate around, most value their leather sofas for the style and comfort they bring to the home.

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Leather Sofa by Bernhadt

If that’s your preference, keep the walls light, add a dark wood coffee table and end tables, and a plush oriental rug in cream and purple. Hanging plants and botanical artwork complete a look that is warm and cozy.

If you are interested in the Foster Stationary Sofa by Bernhardt, contact us for the most current availability on this product. Stop by the Baer’s Furniture showroom nearest you to find a large selection of leather furniture.

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