Interior Decorating Ideas with Pantone 2020 Colors

All signs point to the Pantone Colors of the Year for 2020, taking their inspiration from the ocean. Sea-inspired blues, and browns drawn from driftwood and dried seaweed, cool greens, and sand-like whites will play an important role in next year’s color schemes. This is good news for those of us in South Florida who love coastal/beach-inspired colors and design.

These friendly and relatable colors convey a sense of ease, just what you’d want in your interior décor. And they will be easy to incorporate into your current interior color palette.

Blue and white furniture in coastal living room

Classic Blue and Bright White

Classic Blue brings a calming element into your space that is elevated by the clean, crisp, simplicity of Brilliant White. Loved by Jackie Kennedy and Queen Elizabeth, this color combination is a classic for a reason. Blue and white beach bungalows exemplify beach chic, and when you use these colors in your home, it will as well.

The white upholstery of the by Universal makes the perfect backdrop for classic blue pillows. Throughout the room, a variety of textures, materials, finishes, and fabrics are all used to truly create a light and breezy atmosphere.

neutral beige wing back chair
neutral beige wing back chair

Ash Evokes Strength and Longevity

There’s nothing more timeless than a wing chair; this classic shape has been reimagined to fit every style. Upholstered in Ash, the by Lexington is a modern take on this classic shape. The chair sits proudly with its tall silhouette, boasting the sophisticated look of button tufting and exposed wood trim. Eternally timeless, this chair will easily become a staple of your interior design and an heirloom in your family.

blue leather wing back chair
blue leather wing back chair

Faded Denim Conveys Comfort and Ease

Relatable, dependable Faded Denim fills your home with the comfort and ease you desire in your personal space. The great thing about leather and denim is that they go with just about everything. Comfortable and casual, the by Metropia features a modern, urban-inspired look. Sleek, contemporary lines and dynamic flared arms help it fit in with any style.

Earthy, Warm, Sweet, and Spicy Cinnamon Stick

Cinnamon is one of the most delicious and healthiest spices on the planet, and Pantone’s Cinnamon Stick color lives up to its counterpart’s reputation. Adding cinnamon to your décor is one of the best ways to cozy-up your space. It’s a great color to put on the walls of a living room, but if you don’t want to go that far, at least not right away, you can always sample the color on a chair, such as the by Stressless.

The perfect chair for your den, you can kick back and relax in extreme comfort. Not only does this chair feature easy reclining, but it also ensures optimal lower back and neck support in any position. You get the perfect seat, every time.

navy blue bedroom furniture
navy blue bedroom furniture

Stylish, Self-Assured Navy Blazer

In keeping with Pantone’s update of classic colors this year, Navy Blazer is reemerging as one of the new neutrals in home décor. It can be found on walls, cabinets, furniture, and more. It can be dark and moody, and cozy and calming all at the same time. It goes with many colorways and is a softer neutral than black.

The by Universal Coastal Living features wide planks and soft curves that exemplify coastal stylings. The hard edge of black would be too harsh for this design, while the softer Navy Blazer bedclothes complement and highlight its casual feel. A throw in Biscay Green references cleansing waters as it cools and refreshes the palette.

These livable shades can create a calming atmosphere in your bedroom or add a dose of energy to your family room. Use them to bring a sense of peace and positivity to your indoor spaces.

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