Interior Paint Color Trends to Look Out for in 2019

When I bought my house a few years back, the kitchen was pink. And not pretty Millennial pink, but a bright, obnoxious pink that was hard to live with. I’m still a little scarred, actually. It was probably a popular color at the time with a name like “Cotton Candy.” The first thing I did was paint the walls a nice, neutral buttercream. I don’t know the name of the color, it just reminded me of butter and cream.

Color experts at paint manufacturers develop colors and palettes that make choosing the right colors easy. You won’t have to worry whether or not the minty green accent goes with the taupe-y gray on your walls. You’ll know automatically that the sage green is a better choice.

Most of this work happens quietly, behind the scenes. It’s the task of predicting which paint will be a hit each year that puts color in the spotlight. Paint experts take into consideration trends from different industries around the world. They look at lifestyles, runway collections, demographics, and other trends to determine which colors are likely to be a hit each year.

You may be surprised at the colors that made the grade in Pantone’s yearly prediction, and even happier with how easily you can use them in your home. One of the easiest ways to refresh a home is a new coat of paint. But that’s not the only way you can bring a touch of new color into your home décor.

Warm and Creamy Shades of Hazelnut

Nothing’s more inviting than the warm and creamy shade of hazelnut on the walls in this room. It reminds me a little of that buttercream color. It goes with everything, especially this rich brown leather sofa and chair by Natuzzi Editions. It’s also great for bringing light into a space and making a room seem larger than it is.

Lilac Gray: A Room with a Mood

Dove gray is a nice, classic paint color when you don’t want stark white walls, but Lilac Gray sets the mood in a whole other way. It makes other gray hues in your space warmer, and offers a refreshing, soothing alternative that’s perfect for a bedroom with a warm, minimalist feel, like this one featuring er by Lexington.

Barely-There Pastels with Soothing Appeal

Pastel derivatives in muted, chalky tones give spaces a soothing appeal and understated vibe that’s great for common areas such as bathrooms and kitchens. They help hide the everyday nicks and scuff marks these areas seem to attract. If you want something unexpected but don’t want to go with a bold color trend, a muted pastel will give you just enough color to make your rooms stand out.

A Plethora of Blues to Soothe the Soul

If you are a traditionalist with a casual approach to interior décor, there are a ton of new blues in this year’s color palettes to choose from. Charcoal blue, gray blue, ice blue, and the palest of powder blues will soothe your soul and quiet your mind. These new blues are far from every day but subtle enough to not take over your room. The soothing greige finish of the from the Rachel Ray Home collection is perfectly complemented by the curtains. Are they gray blue or charcoal blue? Whatever the color, it is beautiful.

Pewter Comes into Its Own

A rich and unexpected alternative to all-white walls with more depth than black, pewter paint colors are coming into their own. Not to be underestimated, pewter can be used in any room of your home, whether to create a or an accent wall that brings depth into your living room. Either way, this is a shade that works with everything, everywhere.

The reimagined versions of familiar colors reflect 2019’s more mindful, lifestyle-based approach to interior décor, infusing our homes with not just color, but nuance-filled moods.

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