Lines to Accentuate Furniture

When it comes to harmonizing your spaces, Baer’s knows how to do it right. From curves to sharp turns, our various furniture collections have all the right tools, playful lines and geometry to make your rooms come alive. You may be wondering why we should mind the way we use lines in our spaces, well here is why: different lines can have a psychological effect in your areas creating a particular mood for your ambiance. Horizontal straight lines can evoke feelings of tranquility, and at the same time visually expand your room. Vertical straight lines on the other hand, drive your eyes upward and transcend feelings of stability and strength. The Bernhardt Beverly Glen collection plays with these lines to help you create the perfect ensemble.

The Hooker Furniture Elixir Rectangular Mirror with Carved Frame gives dimension to the space it fills forming a welcoming atmosphere, making it a great piece to showcase near an entrance. The brown finish over the walnut veneers display sets of elegant straight lines that border this sophisticated mirror. Accessorizing this piece with small non-geometric elements will create a playful balance.

The Hooker Furniture Melange Transitional Display Cabinet is the perfect example of a matrix of lines that brings a piece to life. Encased all around by glass, the wooden borders are the backbone to this classically elegant showcase. Add some contrast to this piece by accessorizing it with interesting and multi-shaped elements. Silver and gold artifacts will wash your room with shimmering splendor.

If you want to find more line-mindful pieces visit us at or come to one of our showrooms and talk to one of our complimentary interior designers. At Baer’s Furniture, we are always happy to help with any of your furniture questions and needs.

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