Make it Fit: Incorporating a Disruptive Piece Without Losing Your Aesthetic

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4 min readJul 25, 2023

Any fans of the 1990’s hit show “Frasier” will recall the title character’s chic modern-style apartment with an incredible view of the Seattle skyline. And the hideous recliner, which was a capitulation by the fastidious psychiatrist to his father, Martin Crane, played by the late John Mahoney. If you’re having trouble recalling it, picture a mustard-colored fabric chair with clashing stripes that literally looks like it was recovered from a curb on bulk pickup day.

We’ve all been in a situation where we’re asked to compromise on a piece of furniture. Maybe it’s a beloved heirloom from a family member, your spouse’s one non-negotiable piece of furniture, or even a kiddie table to keep your children from destroying your adult furniture. Even if you live alone, you’ve probably received some displayable items as gifts that clash with your décor.

If you have a disruptive piece of furniture that, for whatever reason, you must keep, then this article is for you. The Baer’s Furniture design team has solutions to prevent a clashing piece from disrupting your décor.

For Large Pieces

If you have a sofa, loveseat, table, bed, or cabinet that stands out against the rest of your décor, here are some solutions.

Order a Custom Fit Slip Cover

This works for sofas, chairs, loveseats, and some sectionals. There are companies that offer a variety of fabrics and covers for furniture. We recommend avoiding one-size-fits-all pieces. Look how amazing this Three Piece Slip Cover Sectional With Ottoman looks in this gorgeous apartment.

Truth be told, this is a high-end set from Synergy Home Furnishings, but you can see how amazingly the slipcovers work. Slipcovers also have the advantage of being machine washable.


The advantage of this solution is that it works for nearly any piece. If your bedframe clashes, purchase a bed skirt for the bottom of the frame and stack decorative pillows toward the back. Pillows and throws can hide many flaws on most sofas and chairs. It’s also pretty easy to conceal a clashing dining room or kitchen table with a tablecloth.


Restoring furniture is neither as easy nor as difficult as it sounds. It is not something that can be accomplished in an hour, but you can often achieve the results you’re looking for in a few afternoons. Do not try to refinish antiques or vintage pieces. You will destroy their value. Consult an antique dealer in your area and see if they can put you in touch with a professional.

Change the Color Scheme of the Space

While color is only one of the elements of design, it’s a pretty important one. If the main issue with the intruding piece is color, you may be able to change the color palette of the room to accommodate it. For instance, if you adhere to the 60–30–10 rule of color coordination and you have a larger piece that doesn’t match the color scheme, you could possibly change your tertiary color to accommodate it.

For example, if you came to a Baer’s Furniture store and sat in the Large Opal Stressless Chair and Ottoman, you’re probably going to buy them. These recliners are just that good. If you chose the signature Henna color, you could either make it an accent piece or change a few accessories to better coordinate the bright color into your living room.

For Smaller Pieces

Smaller pieces may not seem like as big of a decorating challenge, but depending on their nature, they can still be challenging.

Camouflage Them Among Larger Pieces

When you have a small piece that you want to draw attention to, place it in a clear, well-lit, clutter-free spot. When you want to hide a small objet d’art or knickknack, you can try the opposite.

Use Storage Furniture

Do you have a quilt that has to be on display when your aunt visits or a Nutcracker statue that your grandchildren gave you for the holidays but expect to see every visit, even in March? Storage furniture allows you to stash displayable gift items so that you can keep your décor pristine. They also give you fast access to pull out the clashing item just prior to a visit. All you have to do is to remember to pull it out.

Pro Tip: If you forget, just explain to the gift-giver that you put it away while cleaning and forgot to put it back.

Imagine having to occasionally display a ceramic clown sculpture atop the Vanguard Grantham Buffet for more than a few hours at a time. Of course not. Hidden storage will be your new best friend.

If you’re really struggling for solutions, take a picture of your space, including the oddball piece, and head to your local Baer’s Furniture. Our seasoned sales professionals can guide you to some effective solutions.



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