Mix and Match Your Interior Décor for Maximum Impact

If you feel like your sense of style is too large to be defined by just one aesthetic, and you don’t want to be tied down to one interior design style, mixing and matching is for you. Some are intimidated by the thought of throwing more than one design style together, but it can be done in a way that is chic and elegant rather than cluttered and erratic.

Mixing and matching interior décor styles is not as hard as it seems at first glance. These tips will help you pick and choose the best parts from the design styles you love to create the hybrid décor you envision.

Put Function over Aesthetics

When mixing and matching décor, styles can deal your design a fatal blow. You may feel that you should give both your chosen décor styles equal representation. This usually results in an overcrowded space and an unclear aesthetic. The cure for this malady? Put function first.

By putting function first, I mean let the functional pieces take center stage. While all rooms need finishing touches, their style should be secondary to that of the functional pieces. That way, the purpose of your room will be clear at a glance.

For example, in a bedroom, the bed is your most functional piece. The commands all the attention in this room, as it should. The chrome legs of the bench at the end of the bed adds dramatic glamour to the otherwise sleek, contemporary style of the room. Additional touches include the deep brown finish and glass top on the bedside table. While there’s no doubt this is a contemporary style, the hints of glamour elevate it to a higher level.

Remember the 80/20 Rule

Your most important goal when mixing and matching interior décor styles is making sure the two styles you are using work together rather than vie with each other for attention. In order to make this work, you’ll need to give each style a definite role in your space. And as difficult as it may seem, keep to these roles as you put your room together.

That’s where the 80/20 rule comes in. This means that 80% of your décor will be one style. This style will be your focus and should guide all of your choices for furniture, colors, flooring, lighting, and more. Your 80% style should be the one you gravitate to the most.

Your second décor style should be 20% of the rest your design. This includes bold light fixtures, statement furniture pieces, and spectacular wall art.

A Common Thread Binds Them Together

Although you can use accessories such as throw pillows and area rugs as literal threads to bind your style together, I’m talking about something a little more metaphysical. Your two styles, no matter how different they seem, should have some similarity that pulls them together.

For example, if you like the clean lines of mid-century modern, but want to mix in some more traditional pieces, go for craftsman or mission furniture. Though they may seem like opposites, both styles are known for their simple styles that put functionality at the forefront.

Regardless of which two décor styles you’re mixing, color is always a safe way to tie details together. When mixing and matching different décor styles, a common color is a great equalizer.

Make Your Character Piece the Focal Point

There’s almost always one piece that doesn’t quite fit in, but that you just can’t do without. No matter how you try to make it blend in, it just stands out more. Don’t fight it, make it a focal point and let it stand out.

Arrange the room so that the eye is drawn to your focal piece. If it’s a piece of furniture, such as the from Universal, you’ll want to subtly arrange the rest of the furniture in the room in its direction. Two occasional chairs subtly frame the console table, making it stand out in a good way.

Now that you know that mixing and matching different interior décor styles can be done, and that with a minimum of effort, you can create the perfect mix in your home, there’s nothing stopping you from creating a hybrid look that perfectly reflects your sense of style.

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