Paint Colors That Make Large Home Feel Warm and Inviting

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4 min readJan 20, 2022

Often, large homes feature open-concept floor plans that can feel a bit cold and sterile without the proper interior decorating theme. Bonuses of large homes with such floor plans include the fact that they often feature an abundance of natural lighting. The lack of closed-off space can make them feel quite airy and less stuffy than homes of years past. However, you still want your home to feel warm and inviting, regardless of size or floor concept. Using the proper paint colors throughout the area is an excellent way to make this happen.

Interior design and style experts agree. It’s completely possible to make such homes feel cozy and warm with the right paint colors. There are a few simple rules to stick to in order to make it happen, but once you’ve got them down it’s a fairly straightforward process.

Here are 3 paint colors that make large homes feel warm and inviting, and how to use them properly in your living space.

1) Use Darker Colors

It may seem counterintuitive to use dark colors when trying to make a room feel warm, but in fact, they make a space feel much less clinical and sterile. Think of the bright whites and cool grays you often see in modern homes. They can feel rather cold.

Instead, try deep rich colors such as dark blues, purples, or reds. If painting an entire room such a dark color feels a bit overwhelming, start with an accent wall in the shade of your choice. An accent wall should be the wall that people view most commonly in a room.

It will serve as the focal point. The wall you see when entering the room is a good choice, as is the wall behind large pieces of furniture such as sectional sofas. Keep the other three walls a warm neutral such as beige.

Using dark colors works because the paint absorbs some of the bright light in the space that can make it feel a bit too airy and cool.

2) Use Color Psychology

It’s true; scientists and researchers state that some colors make us feel better than others. Different shades, hues, and colors give off different vibes and alter the state of our minds. If you’re looking to make a large home feel warm and inviting, choosing the right color on the psychological wheel is key.

According to color psychology experts, colors and emotions deeply intertwine. Warm and bright colors produce a happier effect than cool or muted colors. This means that there are not only colors you should opt for but also some you should stay away from.

Colors that make homes feel warm and inviting include shades of reds, oranges, and yellows. Purple can evoke a feeling of creativity and opulence, making it an excellent choice. While pastels can sometimes be uplifting, other times they can feel too cold. As a general rule, the brighter and lighter a color is, the more welcoming it will be in your home.

Likewise, other colors have negative psychological associations. Muted cool colors like Robin’s egg blue, for example, or light green, along with neutrals like shades of brown can cause an off-putting feeling. Many people also find black, gray, and bright white to lack warmth and comfort.

3) Go with Your Gut

When it comes to picking our warm and inviting colors for a large home, the best advice that designers can give you is to go with your gut. When you think of coming home after a long day, or gathering for a holiday meal with the family, what colors come to mind? What do you envision when kicking your feet back in the most comfortable recliner you can imagine? Those are the paint colors that you should aim to incorporate in your design scheme.

Often, they’re deep and rich colors. Colors such as gold, plum, or burnt red. They’re colors that make you feel toasty and warm on the inside. This is exactly what you want guests to feel when entering your home and painting your walls these colors is an excellent way to go.

Similarly, consider your furniture when choosing your paint colors. If you have a feeling that your color-of-choice simply won’t mesh well with your dining room collection of furniture, consider other options. If you think a color is too vibrant to go with your bedroom collection and may stimulate your mind too much at night, it’s okay to tone it down.

Painting Your Large Home

If you’re thinking about making a major change to the color palette in your large home, it may be time to visit a furniture store near you as well. With major painting can come the need for major furniture overhauls to match, and there are always design partners standing by to help you accomplish these goals.

Your large home can feel warm, cozy, and inviting in no time at all.



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