Pantone Color Palettes for 2017 Décor

As they do every year, Pantone has peered into the future of home décor and selected nine color palettes they think will trend in the coming year. As gorgeous as these palettes are, it can be hard to figure out how to make them work in your home.

Here’s a guide with examples of how to use each of these palettes. Keep in mind that each of the nine palettes includes nine colors, but you don’t need to use every color in your décor. Just be sure to pull from the colors on the palettes to create a pleasing, balanced color scheme.

Day Dreaming

Pantone Day Dreaming Palette

This palette is full of soft pastels, reminiscent of last year’s Rose Quartz and Serenity Blue hues. It also expands the pink and blue palette with pale Nile Green and Yellow Iris. It creates a light, weightless, simple feel that contrasts with the stress often encountered in our increasingly busy and complex lives. The traditional style of the Miller Living Room Group from Broyhill Furniture showcases this look. The soft beige sofa and blue area rug create a perfect place to relax and unwind. The accessories bring in additional soft hues from the palette.

Room Inspired by Day Dreaming Palette (Baer’s Furniture)

At Ease

Pantone At Ease Palette

A step away from Day Dreaming, At Ease creates a more sophisticated look with an extra luxe touch. The palette includes popular neutrals, both warm and cool, that are effortlessly blended with muted tones in light and bright color combinations. The transitional Zachary Collection by Broyhill Express gives your room a unique style that perfectly expresses your personality.

Room Inspired by At Ease Palette (Baer’s Furniture)

Native Instincts

Pantone Native Instincts

This palette blends bold colors with earth tones into a homogenous mix of color and design. Colors such as Carmine Red and Smoky Orchid live happily alongside soft Earth tones. Choose a bold statement rug to show off the Bethany Square Dining Room from Broyhill Furniture. Earth tones in the accessories and neutral walls create a balanced look.

Room Inspired by Native Instincts Palette (Baer’s Furniture)


Pantone Florabundant Palette

As the name implies, Florabundant highlights the sumptuous beauty of rich floral hues. It offers drama with Chrysanthemum, Red Dahlia, and Pink Yarrow complemented by various shades of green. This may be the time to go all out for extra flair, as in the Bali Hai Collection from Tommy Bahama.

Room Inspired by Florabundant Palette (Baer’s Furniture)

Acquired Taste

Pantone Aquired Taste Palette

If you have an appreciation for the distinctly different, this is the palette for you. It mixes colors not often seen together into a colorway that is subtly luxurious. This includes corals, pale golds, purples, grays, and browns. Make a statement with the classic Emily sofa from Broyhill in coral. Using the neutral tones from the palette makes it stand out.

Room Inspired by Acquired Taste Palette (Baer’s Furniture)

Forest Bathing

Pantone Forest Bathing Palette

Inspired by the Japanese practice of Shinrin-yoku (forest bathing), this palette recreates the stress-reducing feel of a walk in the woods. It includes several shades of blue-green and green as well as grays and yellows. The Sunset Point King Bedroom set by Hooker Furniture incorporates this palette into a cozy, cottage bedroom.

Room Inspired by Forest Bathing (Baer’s Furniture)


Pantone Reminiscence Palette

Reminiscence evokes thoughts of time gone by through a mix of soft sepias and hues inspired by nature. The bold colors of autumn mingle with tones that reflect the sun and water. In this gorgeous bedroom, rope lamps and plank floors come together effortlessly to reflect the traditional feeling of this palette. Whether your style is modern, classic, or eclectic, New Vintage by Broyhill Furniture shows off the charm, character, and vibrancy of Reminiscence. The palette’s muted olive green, bold red, blues, and browns in the area rug highlight the rich red of the accessories.

Room Inspired by Reminiscence (Baer’s Furniture)

Raw Materials

Pantone Raw Materials Palette

This palette references both the health and wellness and the re-use/re-purpose movements. It’s more about feelings than actual colors. Filled with warm natural tones and subtle accent colors such as Zephyr Pink, the palette goes well with the soothing caramel finish of the Retropolitan Collection by Hooker Furniture.

Room Inspired by Raw Materials Baer’s Furniture)

Graphic Imprints

Pantone Graphic Imprints Palette

The final palette, Graphic Imprints, is a black-and-white-based palette that pulls in strong, vibrant colors with names such as Dazzling Blue, Blazing Yellow, Prism Pink, Fandango Pink, Orange Popsicle, and Opaline Green. The graphic elements of the Intrigue Harper — Mineral Collection by A.R.T. Furniture showcase this palette with a chic, up-to-the-minute aesthetic.

Room Inspired by Graphic Imprints (Baer’s Furniture)

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