Romantic Furniture Makeover for Valentine’s Day

Thinking of adding a little romance to your home for Valentine’s Day? Why not fall in love with your home all over again with a furniture makeover that sets the mood. Although romance shouldn’t be limited to one day of the year, Valentine’s Day is a great time to give your home and your partner some love and set the stage for an entire year of romance.

Champagne and Flowers Set the Stage for Romance

Let Romance Bloom

Set the scene with champagne, flowers, and a cheese plate to welcome your partner home and demonstrate how much you care. Some chocolates aren’t a bad idea either. A little romantic inspiration goes a long way, so be sure to keep your partner’s tastes in mind. Brighten up the room with a metallic cocktail table. Even the word cocktail evokes glamour and romance. Sleek glass and metal add glamourous sophistication to the room.

Romantic Bedroom from Bernhardt Furniture

A Spring Clean

So it’s not exactly Spring. When you are planning a special evening, whether at home or a night out, making the house look good will make you look good too. Clear away the clutter, change the light bulb you’ve been meaning to change for the last week or so, or go all out with a surprise bedroom makeover.

Romantic furniture will create the mood. One look at the sultry curves, silver leafing, and dark sable finish of this sleigh bed and you know a night of romance is in your future. Add your own special touches such as flowers on the bedside table, maybe even some rose petals on the pillow, luxurious bed linens, and soft lighting.

Dim the Lights

Make your home a Valentine’s Day haven. You’ve created a mood with champagne, flowers, and chocolates, but don’t forget the lights. Enhance the ambiance by turning down the lights. Dim wall lighting gives your skin a soft glow. If you don’t have dimmer switches on your lighting, swap the main lights out with candles and small lamps to ensure you have a memorable evening. Or use some candles even if you have a dimmer switch, when you lower the lights and light a candle, you’ve got instant romance.

Scents of Romance

Scents can enhance the ambiance in any room. Consider a few scented candles to enhance the romantic mood. Cinnamon, vanilla, lavender, and jasmine are among the top scents for romance. Just remember to place the candle on a heat resistant surface and don’t leave a burning candle unattended.

Soundtrack for Romance

When you are creating a special mood for Valentine’s Day, remember to involve all the senses. Soft light, luxurious furniture, and sumptuous chocolates are only enhanced by a soundtrack that brings your partner back to the day you met or your first summer together. You can easily put together a playlist that takes you both back to milestones of your relationship. When you hear this soundtrack playing softly in the background as you both sip champagne, sample chocolates, or savor a special meal, you’ll find it difficult not to smile in anticipation of the night to come.

You can keep the romance alive in your home by giving it a romantic Valentine’s Day makeover with furniture, accents, and special touches. If you do it right, the romance will last for more than just one evening.

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