Set Up a Feel-Good Home with Home Décor

What feeling comes over you when you enter your home? Calmness? Happiness? Overwhelmed-ness? Stress seems ever-present in today’s hectic world, but your home should not be a cause of it. Your home should nurture and support you, not add to your stress or deplete your energy. In our fast-paced world, it is more important than ever to turn your home into a peaceful sanctuary that gives you the space you need to recharge.

Here are some simple ways you can turn your house into a sanctuary.

Treat All Rooms as If They Are Important

If you don’t have an unused room or garage in your house that is filled with junk, you probably know someone who does. These are the rooms that are often overlooked and undecorated. You may not realize it, but these rooms can burden your subconscious and rob you of energy. Create more harmony in your home by adding a little inspired décor to every space.

Set up a cheerfully soothing space by arranging a and chairs from the Twin Palms collection by Tommy Bahama. The colors are soothing and cheerful at the same time.

Clear Out the Clutter

If you haven’t caved to all the pressure to de-clutter your home, do it now. I know you heard this a zillion times already. Not only can too much clutter make it hard to find your keys as you rush out the door, it can weigh you down even when you are sitting at your desk. Make a plan to clear out all the clutter. Set yourself a deadline and write down some actions steps to tackle the clutter and get rid of the tension it creates.

Change Your Colors

Color can affect you on a psychological, emotional, and physical level, so take a look around at the color on the walls of your home. In fact, studies have indicated that color can alter body temperature and appetite as well as affect your mood and energy level. Take note of how different colors affect you and change the colors on the walls to match how you want your home to make you feel.

Out with the Old

If your shelves and walls are filled with reminders of the experiences you’ve had in your life, consider whether they bring to mind positive or negative feelings. When your décor reminds you of negative memories or emotions, they can drain you. Take note of any items in your home that you associate with undesirable emotions and get rid of them. This will take you one step closer to creating a calm, soothing space.

The carefully curated items on the by Tommy Bahama exude a tranquil vibe with style and grace. If you have more items than you have shelf space, put the unused ones in storage. You can switch them out every once in a while to liven up the space.

In with the New

Now take a look around and see which items bring a smile to your face. Those are the ones you want more of. Add more items from fun trips and experiences to remind you of good times or inspirational people. These things will give you a boost and inspire you not only in your home, but also in your life.

Become One with Nature

We are designed to innately appreciate the natural beauty all around us. By incorporating natural elements in your space, you fill up the space within you that yearns for feelings of peace and inner calm. Add a wooden bowl, baskets, a fountain, or pine cones to give your home a feeling of serenity. Choose furnishings of natural materials such as wood or leather.

You can’t get closer to nature than with this from Tommy Bahama. Traditional reeded posts and leather wrapped bamboo carving help you achieve a tranquil bedroom space.

Add Some Plant Power to Your Space

Plants are one of the most important elements when designing a restorative space. Not only can they bring a little more nature into your space, they also bring a freshness to the space as they clean and re-oxygenate the air.

Take a few moments to really reflect on what you would like your home to feel like and begin taking the small steps needed to create a calm, peaceful home. This way you won’t be overwhelmed. Keep in mind that small steps can get you closer to your end-goal than inaction.

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