Small Accessory Gifts on Your Home’s Wish List

Maybe you want to decorate your own space, or maybe you have someone on your list who is putting the finishing touches on their home décor. Whatever the reason, you can give a gift that will add a dash of style that will last the whole year through. If you’re not sure what to give the interior design maven on your list, check out the accessories below. There’s something for everyone.

Sunburst Oval Mirror from the Salon Collection by Bernhardt

Wall Art

Eye-catching wall art can bring a room to life. There are so many different types to choose from: chic black and white prints, colorful prints on canvas, or modern metal wall art. There are as many types as there are styles for room décor. Or you could try a mirror, many mirrors have decorative embellishments and they come in all shapes and sizes. The next time you visit your friend’s home, check out her room décor. Make sure the art or mirror you choose coordinates with her style and color palette.

Throw Pillows

Everyone loves the gift of comfort, and that’s what throw pillows are. They don’t just complement a sofa, they can easily transform the look of a space. You can even get a few in a variety of shapes, textures, and sizes.


Candles add a welcoming glow to any room. The come in so many styles and are very versatile. You can use them to create an elegant centerpiece or choose flameless LED candles to give the room soft ambient light. Scented candles keep the fragrances of the season wafting through the air.

Photo Frames

Frames are great gifts because they add instant style to any photo. Tabletop frames hold 8x10 prints and fit perfectly on desks, mantles, shelves, and bookcases. Or give a collection of metallic frames that can be used to create a gallery wall.

Serving Trays

If you have someone on your list who loves to entertain, a serving tray might be the perfect gift. And they can be used for more than just carrying drinks and snacks. You can use a tray to create an elegant tablescape with a grouping of collectibles. Or you can use it on a coffee table to keep magazines, books, and the TV remote organized.


Art pottery or glass vases make for pretty groupings on the coffee table or displayed on book shelves. They don’t have to be used only for holding fresh flowers — although that’s fine too. A clear glass vase can be used to display ornaments, seashells, or even as a candle holder. Smaller vases make a pretty focal point when grouped with smaller accessories as a centerpiece.

Area Rugs

Area rugs add texture and warmth to a room. They can change the look and feel of a space in an instant. This is another case where you will want to check your friend’s decorating style and make sure the rug you choose goes with their interior design style.

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