The Allure of Tropical Décor: A Story of Florida Furniture

Why is tropical décor enduringly popular? It may be how it brings you back to a tropical vacation, or how it lights a spark for future getaways. It’s hard to resist the allure of the tropics, so it is not surprising that tropical style is on the rise. The clean lines and fresh colorways make the look chic and tranquil. Rather than an overwhelming beachy space with collections of seashells, the new feel conjures a mood that is breezy, simple, and naturally relaxing.

Since the bedroom is where you rest and rejuvenate, that is where our story begins. This room provides the perfect canvas for a tropical look. Start with a backdrop of crisp white and lots of sunlight. Add tropical greenery in unexpected places. If you are lucky enough to have tons of windows, a glimpse of tropical landscaping will work.

Choose bedding with a subtle pattern that reinforces the tropical theme. Green and white or navy and white will give you an understated look. Or you can use an abstract motif if that fits your personality. The good thing about tropical décor is that you can use a little or a lot to create a pleasing effect. Modern tropical style will seamlessly blend with many other styles to turn your bedroom into your favorite vacation spot.

Create Texture

Texture and wood play an important role in tropical style, and you can easily incorporate them in your design. Select teak elements or bamboo wood blinds to increase the tropical vibe. An area rug made from jute, sisal, sea grass or other natural materials is another excellent tropical touch. Horizontal paneling on the walls will provide an authentic background to your décor.

Special Touches

Don’t forget the special touches that make the space your own. They are the icing on the cake of your modern tropical interior. Tropical upholstery on seat cushions or chairs or a modern art print with a tropical vibe will bring some breezy style into your bedroom.

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