What Does Your Furniture Style Say about You?

Everything from how you dress to what you order at Starbucks provides clues about who you are, and that includes your furniture style and home decor. Think about it. Have you ever visited the home of a friend for the first time and left it knowing so much more about them, just by how it is decorated?

How a person decorates their home can tell you a lot about them. What does your decor say about you?

Your Style Features Neutral Colors

You like participating in familiar activities and interacting with people you know. You love your family and friends but aren’t too interested in widening your social circle. You find a night at home watching TV or reading more appealing than socializing in a restaurant or bar. You prefer familiarity and order over new experiences.

Your Style Is Eclectic

If you have a home full of interesting pieces from different styles that somehow seem to go together, your style is eclectic. This means you are someone who has many passions and interests. You live for exploring new places and you’d rather be too busy than bored. You love sharing your world and your passions with others.

Your Style Is Simple and Modern

You like clean lines, geometric patterns, and no clutter. You value planning. You like to have fun but you hate surprises. You’re often the leader of the group, and take it upon yourself to ensure that everything is done correctly. It’s quite likely you work in accounting, software development, or another analytical field.

Your Style Features Bright Colors

You often become restless and like change. You often move because you like to explore new environments and meet new people. You’ve either traveled extensively, or you dream of doing so one day.

Your Style Is Balanced

You know what you like, and when you find it, you stick with it. You may have had the same job for years because you love it. Your tastes may seem simple and narrow to others, but in reality, you know what you like.

Your Style Features Variety

Your tastes, wants, and needs have changed over the years, and your rooms reflect this with a variety of styles. You may have gone down several career paths. You like change and often move from one hobby to another.

Your Style Follows the Latest Trends

You probably follow trends in all areas of your life. You always put your best foot forward, and you know how other people see you. You are the first to get the latest clothing and upgrade to the newest smartphone.

Your Style Is Timeless

You’ve become attached to things and keep them for a long time. You probably keep your old phone so long as it works, rather than getting the newest version. You are a planner, rarely act on impulse, and always consider the future when making decisions.

You may not realize it, but your style is a reflection of your personality. Keep these décor-personality types in mind the next time you re-decorate your home.

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