What Is a Florida Room? Asking for a Friend

Popularized in the mid-20th century, Florida Rooms are making a comeback, and we are here for it.

These sun-filled sanctuaries feature plenty of windows that let in tons of natural light, making them warm and inviting spaces to read, relax, and simply hang out.

It’s not surprising that a state made for escaping to would inspire some incredible things, such as key lime pie, classic films (Key Largo), and more. However, one of the best and most overlooked things created by the Sunshine State has to be its namesake room.

Paradoxically, a Florida Room lets you enjoy the outdoors throughout the entire year.

History of the Florida Room

Designers responded with the genius idea of a home addition filled with windows that could open and close depending on the weather.

Also called a conservatory or a sunroom, the Florida Room nickname and definition is most commonly used in the south. The Florida Room idea took off, popping up in houses from the Sunshine State and throughout the Northeast.

They were generally designed as an extension of the outdoors with the home’s exterior siding as its one windowless wall and featured wood or stone floors, all-weather wicker furniture, and plenty of plants. Some even had air conditioning, depending on the homeowners’ desire for a four-season room.

The Ultimate Home Retreat

However, over time, Florida Rooms lost their appeal. New homes began trading these sunny spaces for actual indoor spaces, with open concept rooms that featured roomy decks and porches. And while these are great features in a home, we also think the Florida Room deserves a reboot.

It could be pure nostalgia, but memories of escaping to cozy, sunny spaces as a child have a strong pull for the Florida Room’s revival. But there is also practicality involved.

The luxury of having a space filled with light, bright furniture to relax in the warm sunshine without having to worry about bug bites or sunburn has an allure that is easy to understand. In recent years, line drapery panels created specifically for Florida Rooms offer additional protection from the climate and make it possible to close out the outside world when desired.

Benefits of Modern Florida Rooms

They can become the ideal environment with screened windows that allow the breezes to flow in, and when it gets too hot, close them up and enjoy the A/C while still enjoying the sunlight.

Add a table and chairs for quiet dinners in the cool winter evenings, or snuggle into a loveseat and enjoy the moonlight while staying protected from the elements.

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