What’s Your Headboard Personality?

Are you a romantic? Down to earth? Classical and timeless? Adventurous? You may not realize it, but your headboard can say a lot about your personality. Your bedroom is the most personal and intimate space in your home, so it should definitely reflect who you are.

Metal Headboard Demonstrates No-Nonsense Style

Metal Headboard

A metal headboard tells people you are sensible and no-nonsense. It can be either modern and industrial or romantic and vintage. A carbon steel headboard shows your practical side and your appreciation of the metalworking itself. A steel headboard can be quite artistic despite its minimalist appearance.

Wooden Headboard by Broyhill

Wooden Headboard

If you have a wooden headboard, you are definitely as classical as they come. Whether the headboard features intricate carving in the wood or a plain-and-simple design, this style says that you want to feel important and protected. In addition, an extremely tall or large wooden headboard means that you have an air of superiority about yourself.

Metal and Wood

A mixed material headboard, such as metal and wood, says that you are classic, but not mired in the past. You see the value in old and new ideas and like to see how they work together. Your personality is not too cold, not too fussy, and not too formal — the proverbial Goldilocks who likes everything just right. Your blend of modern and traditional creates a gracious, streamlined space that radiates harmony, much like you do yourself.

Upholstered Headboard

An upholstered headboard says you are a true romantic — maybe even a hopeless romantic. You may be overly sentimental as well as unflaggingly optimistic. An upholstered headboard suits you to a T. With sweeping curves and button-tufted tailoring, it gives your bedroom a soft, sophisticated look that says you don’t think being a hopeless romantic is hopeless at all. Because you know better.

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